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All of these foals are 5 Panel N/N by parentage.  If you have any questions please Contact Us, we’ll be happy to help.
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2018 Foals
#7 - BROWN SILVER DUN COLT - Born April 15, 2018 - SOLD
Prairie Silver Pride Sire: Hancocks Silver Boy  Dam: HPH Windy Bar Friday
Windy has given us a BIG, graceful colt with legs up to his ears and a beautiful ‘baby doll’ head. Yes, he carries the rare Silver gene inherited from his sire AND the Dun dilution from his dam. He has gorgeous colour, with the dorsal stripe and zebra bars of a grulla, a ginger mane and a Silver tail. He has no white markings except for a small snip between his nostrils. At 7 weeks old he is filling out very nicely with great muscle in his chest and rump. This beautiful colt is one to look at as a potential stud prospect or he will make a darn fine gelding. His dam stands 15.2 hh and his sire is 15.3hh, so this boy is going to have size, looks and colour all rolled up in one Silver package... and this means Hancocks Silver Boy has thrown his Silver gene 5 out 6 times this foaling season. We couldn’t be more pleased. Foundation percentage: 84.93 %   Colour Genetics: EeAtaDdZz  5 Panel: N/N Congratulations to Beth in Tenessee, USA
Prairiesilver Dimond Sire: Hancocks Silver Boy  Dam: Rafter K Sugar
‘Dee’ is an extremely rare “Classic Silver”, which is Classic Champagne + the Silver gene. Not only that, he is homozygous for Black.  As a stud prospect, he could produce the rarest colours in the AQHA, Classic Champagne or Black Silver (bred to a black mare)... how unique is that! But let’s put colour aside for a minute... this is a big, strong colt, who is the spitting image of his sire at the same age (Hancocks Silver Boy, 15.3hh). He’s a very friendly colt that is already character plus. He was born the night before temperatures plummeted to an unseasonal -23 C   (-9.4 F) and, wrapped round wih a thick comforter, made it through with flying colours. This colt is 25% Jetsmoke N Thunder (2002 WFQHA World Show Top Ten in Junior Handy Ranch Horse) and 12.5% Bows Black Thunder (Regional Team Penning Champion, World Champion sire). He boasts Two Eyed Jack through his dam’s line and is also double bred Diamond through two granddams. Foundation percentage: 90.81%   Colour Genetics: EEaaCHchZz   5 Panel: N/N
Video taken at 3 mths & 4 mths old
#3 - BROWN SILVER (DAPPLE) FILLY - Born December 26th (2017) - Not For Sale At This Time
Prairie Silver Jetta Sire: Hancocks Silver Boy  Dam: Classy Black Miss
This filly is well bred at 25% Jetsmoke N Thunder (2002 WFQHA World Show Top Ten in Junior Handy Ranch Horse); 12.5% Bows Black Thunder (Regional Team Penning Champion, World Champion sire); and 12.5% Scotto Dee Bar (Superior Reining). Yes, this filly carries and expresses the highly sought after Silver gene.. She’s nicely proportioned, with a very pretty head and is genetically a Brown Silver, so she will mature to a dark chocolate brown with that plume of a silver tail and silver-tipped mane. Foundation percentage: 90.62%  Colour Genetics: EeAtaZz  5 Panel: N/N
#4 BLACK SILVER (DAPPLE) COLT - Born January 21th, 2018 - NOT FOR SALE
Prairiesilver Quincy Sire: Hancocks Silver Boy  Dam: Miss Indigo Quincy
We are so very pleased with the birth of this colt. He is an extremely rare Black Silver, homozygous for Black (EEaaZz). This is the colour that we have been aimed at adding to the conformation, disposition and breeding of our herd. We know of only one other Black Silver Quarter Horse in the AQHA; and although it is probable that there are others, there are definitely extremely few. Adding bonus on top of bonus, this boy has lots of chrome with a ‘star’ and four white socks! This colt has more than just colour to offer, Quincy’s dam is a foundation bred mare, 14.06% King Lowell (son of King P-234) and 12.79% King himself. She is also a great- granddaughter of Blueboy Quincy (12.5%), with his classic good looks. Quincy’s sire is our own Hancocks Silver Boy, who is throwing exceptional foals for us for the third year in a row now. Feel welcome to browse our website for a look at his previous offspring. Foundation percentage: 88.75 %   Colour Genetics: EEaaZz  5 Panel: N/N
#5 - BLUE ROAN FILLY - Born March 16th, 2018 - SOLD
Stylin Baby Blue Sire: RS Stylin Tarvr Heir  Dam: Private Blue Tracks
The first of Tarvr’s foals this year, this pretty filly is friendly, beautiful and nicely bred. She was born with a large star, two hind socks and a partial pastern up front. This girl is one of the sweetest foals we have bred. She just wants to be in your pocket, even out at pasture. She is homozygous for Black by parentage. Colour testing confirms she has no agouti, with a single Roan gene, so she will be ‘true’ Blue Roan once she sheds her foal fur. This filly should be an awesome combination of grace and power with her sire at 33.98% Blue Valentine and her exceptionally beautiful dam at 12.5% Blueboy Quincy. This 2018 filly is 16.99% Blue Valentine; 14.06% Mr Roan Hancock; and 12.5% Rowdy Blue Man. Foundation percentage: 91.75 %   Colour Genetics: EEaaRNrn; 5 Panel: N/N Congratulations to Kadence in Montana, USA
Requests for more pics or video are always welcome, and we do our best to respond as quickly as we are able... however, this show of interest is not enough to hold a horse or foal for you while you make your decision, because we often have more than one party interested in the same horse or foal at the same time. To hold an animal we require a 25% deposit; please be aware that under normal circumstances this deposit is non-refundable. For any exceptions you are welcome to review our sales policies by clicking on the button below.
#1 - BROWN SILVER (DAPPLE) FILLY - Born October 20th (2017) - Not For Sale At This Time
Prairie Silver Peppy Sire: Hancocks Silver Boy  Dam: HL Peppy Dry Boots
Well she looked more like a Hereford than a horse last winter :) but under all that hair was hiding this very pretty filly. ‘Peppy’ has been tested Brown Silver, so she will shed her light foal fuzz out to become dark chocolate brown with ‘silver’ mane and tail. We predicted this filly would be built to the hilt when she grows up, and she’s already showing promise of that. Her dam is a tank with a Who’s Who list as long as your arm at the top of her linebreeding stats... Doc Bar, Peppy San, Mr San Peppy, Dry Doc (Poco Lena), all just off her papers. And if you want to see the quality of the foals her sire (Hancocks Silver Boy) is throwing, just look at this filly’s full sister Champs Hancock Penny and half-sibling Prairie Silver Chex on the 2016 Foals page. Foundation percentage: 86.9 % Colour Genetics: EeAtaZz  5 Panel: N/N
#6 - BLUE ROAN COLT - Born April 13th, 2018 - $2000 CAD
Mr Rowdy Valentine Sire: RS Stylin Tarvr Heir  Dam: Powderriver Sassy
This well bred colt is exceptionally well bred: 33.98% Blue Valentine;  21.88% Rowdy Blue Man; 17.58% Red Man; 15.63% Mr Roan Hancock; 15.53% Joe Hancock; and 12.5% Leo Hancock Hayes. He is shedding out his reddish baby fur to become Blue Roan, like his parents, and will probably show a small amount of browner hair in his soft parts at maturity. He has a star and no other markings. 'Rowdy' is very friendly, loves to be scratched, and has already  started to develop the exceptional muscle and bone structure that his sire passes on to all his colts. Foundation percentage: 95.46 %   Colour Genetics: EeAtaRNrn; 5 Panel: N/N
#2 - CLASSIC CHAMPAGNE SILVER (DAPPLE) COLT - Born November 20 (2017) - SOLD
Congratulations to Davy in Yvoir, Belgium
Photos taken September 19, 2018; turning 8 mths old