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Photo: Andrea Webb
HPH JO SO FINE PINE - 2013 GRULLA MARE - Double Homozygous - $2500 CAD
Josie’s  Page
Josie is a good looking mare, double homozygous Grulla with a light coloured coat contrasting nicely with her dun markings. Standing 15.1 hh, she has a distinctive blaze, zebra stripes and strong dorsal stripe. Josie has a high wither, deep chest, good strong bone, excellent legs, and solid, good-sized feet. She has a very straight, strong-boned head, not a baby-doll. She is not broke to saddle at this time. She is a very sweet soul, easy to handle, attributes she passed on to her first foal, a handsome Dunskin colt born last spring (see below). Josie has a nicely rounded Foundation pedigree, heavy to King P-234’s line and going back to Old Sorrel 16 times in ten generations. Test Results: EEaaDD; 5 Panel N/N Note: Josie has been bred to Hancocks Silver Boy (May 6-10) for a potential Silver (Dapple) grulla foal in 2019. Price will increase to $3000 CAD when confirmed in foal. in  2019 ie was bred to Hancocks Silver Boy on May 6th for a potential silver gene grulla foal in  2019Josie was bred to Hancocks Silver Boy on May 6th for a potential silver gene grulla foal in  2019
This is a really nice colt. Scotty is a good-minded boy, with a ‘born broke’ attitude toward training. He has a very level-headed approach to anything new; he isn’t shy of the halter, has followed easily on the leadline from day one, stands tied, picks up all four feet to be cleaned, stand well for the farrier.  He isn’t quiet in the athletic department though. Full of energy, Scotty loves to play, and run around the paddock. Scotty is an exceptionally good-looking colt with nice proportions, graceful head carriage, great legs, good feet. He has a naturally suspended trot that I sure wish I could catch on video, very pretty to watch, with his neck arched and tail curled over his back. We expect Scotty to reach 15hh or more. He has very dark points, strong dorsal stripe, distinct ‘zebra’ striping on his legs, and a beautiful creamy buckskin colouring. He is a grandson of Jetsmoke N Thunder (top ten World FQHA contender) on his sire’s side and his dam is a King bred mare that goes back to Old Sorrel 16 times in 10 generations. This colt is eligible for FQHA registration at 88.4% Foundation. Colour Genetics: EeAaCRcrDd;   5-Panel: N/N
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Smoke is a very sweet-tempered girl and we expect her to develop her dam’s calm attitude toward life. She’s kind of a funn character, rather shy of anyone she doesn’t know, and yet, once she’s decided your okay, she’ll follow you around like a puppy dog. She is easy to halter, leads nicely, loves to be brushed, gets along well with others. Smoke has a very pretty head with a soft eye, nice straight legs, great muscling in her hind-end and very dark and distinct dun markings. She is a granddaughter of Jetsmoke N Thunder (top ten World WFQHA contender) on her sire’s side and a great granddaughter of 8 time Grand Champion/Reserve Grand Champion Tupelo Gunsmoke on her dam’s.   This filly is eligible for FQHA registration at 92.73% Foundation. Pics of this filly will be updated when she finishes shedding out.   Colour Genetics: EeAaCRcrDd 5-Panel: N/N
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