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 “Troy” Hancocks Silver Boy is a rare Brown Silver (Dapple) Quarter Horse, one of a very small handful of this breed that carry the Silver gene. There are extremely few Foundation ‘Silver’ AQHA stallions in the world and even fewer that, like Troy, can offer good potential for the rarest Quarter Horse colour - Black Silver. And there’s much more going on besides his fabulous colour. His size (15.3hh), his strong bone, balanced conformation and his outstanding personality all contribute to the quality of this exceptional young stallion. Troy has excellent manners and he’s easy going with the mares and safe with the foals. Since his first foals in 2016 Troy’s offspring have been  consistently outstanding... big, well muscled and beautifully proportioned.  This past season he passed his Silver gene an amazing 5 out of 6 times, giving us two Brown Silver fillies, a Champagne Silver colt, a Black Silver colt and a Brown Silver Dun colt  (See 2018 Foals).
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25% Blue Apache Hancock 25% Champs Continental 12.5% Hancocks Blueboy 9.38% Salty Roan 28 crosses to Peter McCue 21 crosses to Joe Hancock 14 crosses to Shiek 11 crosses to Little Joe A total of 101 crosses to 13 AQHA Hall of Fame horses
Hancocks Silver Boy 2012 Brown Silver Stallion (Registered Brown) EeAtaZz Double Registered AQHA & FQHA (88.65%) 5-Panel N/N
Hancocks Silver Boy: Offspring - 2016 to 2019
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